The label

Welcome to Jaswil!

Jaswil's company founder and business it's idea behind the company/ Jaswil's Gründer und die Firmenphilosophie

I am Jasmin, the founder of the Jaswil label and the creative mind behind the products.  

I am very happy that I have piqued your curiosity!  
You would definitely like to know why I am opening an online fashion shop of all things in today's world, which is flooded with fast fashion and where there are actually more than enough opportunities to buy clothes. 
Well, my shop is not just a simple online fashion shop. 
It's a shop for art. 
Art that tells a story and has influences from all over the world. 
Art that empowers you to be the best version of yourself. 
And art that connects. 
My mother comes from Nigeria and my father from Germany. 
That is why I have been surrounded by a wide variety of influences from both worlds since I was born.
I also love to travel and get to know new cultures. 
Growing up multicultural means approaching the world with open eyes and an open heart. 
In my designs I want to capture the many impressions of every single day, be it in the form of drawings, paintings or poetry. 
This creates the craziest creations, but that's exactly what reflects my inner being. 
My inspiration comes from everyday things that I experience among people such as family or friends, but also in nature, in books, music and art. 
With my products I would like to give you the chance to make the best of yourself and to show how you feel.  
Extraordinary designs in combination with traditional patterns should bring out exactly what you have in you. 
For me, art means freedom. 
Freedom to let my imagination run wild. 
Freedom to wear whatever I feel good about, no matter how crazy, colorful or sexy. 
And no matter what others think about it, because I have to feel comfortable in it. 
That is why my designs are predominantly unisex, which means that I leave room for the different facets of each individual person. 
With Jaswil I would like to promote not only the expansion of traditional, African patterns and cuts, but also the importance of sustainability and environmental protection. 
With my brand, I am therefore already offering many environmentally friendly products, and there will be even more in the future.  
Thank you for taking the time to find out the story behind Jaswil.
And now I wish you a great shopping experience!